Who we are


We’re a bunch of final year students from the department of design, IIT Guwahati! This blog will give you insights into our work progress & methodology over the 24 hours of the design challenge.

Here’s a brief introduction to our team members:-

Mannu Amrit – Moving into my final year, I am at a funny stage of life wherein curiosity drives me to explore and learn. I like visiting new places, meet new people and encounter varied experiences. Design interests me and so does technology. I enjoy nature and consider it the ideal source for design learning. I love to debate, listen to all sorts of music, and eat lots of chocolate and ice cream. I consider myself as a quick learner, and believe in spreading happiness to create a better world!

Minal Jain – I am a Final year student pursuing my Bachelors in Design from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. A psychology enthusiast, I am particularly inclined towards human computer interaction. I am amazed by the scope that the combination of technology and design offer and I completely look forward to exploring the design world. I also love radio jockeying and dramatics!

Abhinav Krishna – Hey! I’m Abhinav and I’m a final year padawan of the Department of Design at IIT Guwahati. Design is my light saber and I am learning to wield it in an effort to bring about a social change in the galaxy. I believe in design and constantly try to bring about change in the lives of many by intervening in education systems, women safety and human psychological issues. While on my journey to become a jedi of design, I have noticed that people refer to me as the User Experience jedi. I am perpetually curious and have made it a mission in my life to attain omniscience. I talk through my pen, live on quora, breathe football and dream about Darth Vader.

Himanshu Bansal – Pursuing his bachelors in Design at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati with his dream to become a good problem-solver, Himanshu Bansal is a curious, observant, fun-loving final year design student. He is interested in User-Experience Design, Multi-modal Human Computer Interaction, Usability Engineering and Design Research. He finds a nice balance between both sides of his mind. Design for him is a medium to make the world better place to live, communicate and interact.

Mehul Agarwal –  I am final year student pursuing bachelor of design from department of design. Curious, explorer and tinkerer at heart. Technology excites me when I think about how it acts as a powerful medium of extending ourselves. To understand more about technology I occasionally love to dive into world of creation. On the other hand, design is an excuse for me to know about the problems faced by people. By combining Technology and User-Centered Design, I would like to create products that are awesome and at same time easier to use.

Fast Five - Team Poster


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