Step 5: Quantitative User Study

In parallel to our qualitative user study, we also designed a questionnaire to collect quantitative data from the users so that we can analyze their usage behavior and then share it online on various social networking platforms. We were able to collect responses from 155+ participants (the form is still live). Most of participants who filled the questionnaire were Bachelors, Masters and PhD students (86%). Other than these, questionnaire was filled by employees, professors, businessmen and housewives too.

Link to questionnaire:

Descriptive analysis of results:

1.  Most of the participants use Gmail (85 %) as their Email service
chart (4)
2. 64%  participants use email service less than less than half an hour per day
chart (5)

3. Considering their frequency of labeling emails, sample is distributed on both extremes (no labeling and lot of labeling) . So, it is found that there are both kind people one who don’t want to organize their mails into folders and the one who do:
chart (7)

4.  Only 13% participants are much not satisfied with the auto-labeling.
chart (8)

5. Although, there is not much difference among usage of external complementary application, Google Drive is found to be mostly used.
chart (1)

6. 33% of the participants have not made a single folder to organize their mails

7. Tablets and Laptops are being used the most to access emails


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