Step 3: Secondary Research

Before we come up with our own solution, we first sat down and explored to see what are the kind of products that already exist.  To know what problems are they trying to solve? What is the problem areas that they have not touched upon?

Multiple accounts and unified Inbox
Quick Reply fosters brevity and responsiveness
A tailored inbox
Easy to make to do list
Task orientation
Focus on projects
Sane Box
unimportant messages and summarizes them in a digest
Move attachments into the cloud
1-click unsubscribe from anything
email you sent was not replied to by a certain time
Mail Pilot
Focussed on UI
Mail box is more like to do list.
Zero Mail Your inbox is subdivided in emails sent directly to you, or were sent ‘for your information’ only
Slice Keep track of everything you buy online.
Graph your inbox Visualize the gmail account
Replies App
assist you handling customer support emails by saving time on answering emails by handling repeatative mail replies.
all related messages are grouped onto one page
sort your emails into labeled folders such as “VIP” or “new customers”
Scrubly Cleanup Your Address Book and Add Social Data
Remove duplicate contacts in Outlook, Mac, Gmail and Google Apps.
Write that name Your Address Book Automagically Updated!
Rappotive Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.
Contactually manages your contacts and strengthens your relationships by prompting you to take meaningful action.
SneakMail Hide your address from spammers, companies, others.
Unroll Me It combines your selected subscriptions and organizes them into one convenient daily digest email.
Tout App Intelligent Email Platform for Salespeople
All emails are limited to 500 characters. Messages are always short and to the point.
Email is about communicating with people.
Cloud Magic
Decluttering email
Get a quick snapshot of all recent updates across all your cloud data.
Power Inbox See interactive content in your emails from
Post Box Conversation views that gives you the “big picture”
Attachment Share and organize your files and documents seamlessly
between cloud and email

It seems email is essentially like our study table, with a calendar, contact lists and to-do lists.  And like our table, it’s extremely easy for it to get cluttered. How can we avoid this cluttering? What are things that we can throw away? How can we re-organize things that all the things are accessible? Many of them have targeted specific groups like sales people, group and organizations.

But still most of them were mostly limited in some way to traditional style of email. Like the list view, with some options on the right etc. Thus, even though the interface might be brilliant, innovation and 10x thinking is missing.


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