Step 7: Brainstorming away!



We evaluated the needs of the user based on the existing literature and the insights we had accumulated over the course of qualitative and quantitative user study. A couple of iterations based on different design concepts like data visualization and smart filtering were initially suggested and presented to the members of the team after a brain-writing session. Towards the end of the session, an idea was finalized that would cater to the seamless transition requirements of project; while delivering with commendable impact.

Mind maps were chalked out to further expand our understanding of the topic at hand and to get a new perspective of the over-all big picture. With so many sorting features in G Mail like the priority Inbox, the starred mail concept, the important message concept, the labeling concept, the newly introduced tabs and the basic skeletal structure of the threads system. The aim was to eliminate the confusion pertaining to the use of all the aforementioned filters and to simplify the project.


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